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I specialise in Fantasy Art, Digital Art, Photography, Cartoons and Illustrations. I also write novels for adults and illustrated stories for children. All my books are available for sale on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.


I was born in Norfolk, England. I like to use the East Anglian landscape, its places and its people as inspiration for my art work. Norfolk is also the setting for my novel 'Indirect Hit'


Indirect Hit second edition

I also love the culture and countryside of rural South West France and this is  reflected in my work.

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June 2021

My new book: 'The Virgin Pedagogues - to Infinity & just beyond the Co-op !' has just been published. It's available from Amazon in both paperback & Kindle formats. Enjoy !



23rd March 2020

I am pleased to say that my latest illustrated children's book has been published.  It's set long ago in 1937.                Joe, aged 7,  is given some toys as a birthday present. They belonged to his grandfather when he was a boy. As well as a lorry, a trailer and a barge, there are 4 little wooden people. Peter the Pilot, Tommy the Soldier, Natalie  the Nurse and Simon the Sailor.                                               The toys are accidentally lost and despite their tiny size, no taller than a man's thumb, they set out on an amazing adventure to find their way back to Joe.    There are 6 pictures to colour in at the end of the book. I hope you enjoy it. HAPPY READING !


27th January 2020

The new Feb/March edition of 'Living' magazine is now available in hard copy or online.  See the Fowpars on Page 52. They are preparing the garden for  Spring          




2nd December 2019

Hot from the press ! Christmas & New Year edition of 'Living' magazine for those living in SW France is now available online or from your local distributor.    This time my cartoon 'The Fowpars' is on page 50. The family are going for a green, eco-friendly Christmas !



4th November 2019

Don't forget if you're in SW France, the latest edition - Oct/Nov - of the Living magazine is out. Available from local suppliers and online. Follow the exploits of the Fowpars family in my cartoon on Page 52. 

Also - idea for stocking filler this Christmas - a collection of Fowpars cartoons are now available in paperback & Kindle fomats on Amazon.


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